The Ineffable Woman is a sensual boutique. As a sensual boutique, The Ineffable Woman offers a safe and comfortable place where knowledgeable staff can assist customers with products and offer personalized suggestions. This unique store offers an educated environment for customers. We are dedicated to offering quality products, a relaxed atmosphere, education, and support. Our passion is education, community and encouragement of sex positive, safe behaviors. We only carry items that have been tested by us. So we can give details on power, push factor, size, and sound. We only carry body safe toys, we try to adhere to a more European than American standard.

Take a look at our toys, accessories and lingerie. Peruse our handpicked, handcrafted leather, wood, stone and steel pieces and find the perfect erotic gift for yourself and your lover. We work with local artists to create unique and exclusive pieces for The Ineffable Woman.

The Ineffable Woman follows in the great tradition of the Salon. These Salons date back to the turn of the century where social gatherings in private residences that were fueled by intellectual debate, music and debauchery. We strive to recreate that social, safe atmosphere, to stimulate discussion, provide education, pleasure, entertainment, and enjoyment.