Self Care

“The “self-care” tag on Tumblr is a really sweet place. It’s like if you were walking outside in a thunderstorm, umbrella-less, and you walked into a café filled with plush armchairs, wicker baskets full of flowers, and needlepoints on the walls that say things like “Be kind to yourself” and “You are enough.” It’s jarring, the change in scenery, but nice. It also makes you realize that you’re soaked—you’d almost gotten used to it, out in the storm.

Taking care of yourself is not actually a new thing, nor is the idea that you may sometimes need to be reminded to do so. Just think of all the people on makeover-shows past who were told, “You spend so much time taking care of other people, it’s time to do something for yourself.” But the word “self-care” has popped up a lot in my peripheral Internet vision lately, most recently in a deceptively simple game called You Feel Like Shit: An Interactive Self-Care Guide. It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure story, but about your real life. (Although, truly, what is life but a high-stakes choose-your-own-adventure?)”

Quoted from A Simple Guide to Self Care by Julie Beck in The Atlantic here.  My geeky self loves the choose your own adventure reference. Try it please…

Pop Up Shop and Education Event

An event focused on sexual health and wellness, Dr. Grace Evins has been kind enough to let us use her space and has been the main motivating factor in making this event happen. THANK YOU. You can find the Facebook Event Page Here.


on the website, you can now order the basics from here or Facebook. Also be on the look out for pop up shop opportunities and workshops, demonstrations, seminars and shenanigans. We are back in Asheville and coming to a club near you.

Just got home…

from Vino & Vulva’s October Event. Such a wonderful night and wonderful discussion. If you get the chance check out their schedule.  Definitely a local education resource I would support (I already do) and recommend. Any opportunity for real discussion and education is a gift. We are responsible for our education. Don’t wait, google it, check out your local college for women’s studies or gender studies. Educate yourself.